Resuming ON-SITE Services (2 services to choose from!)

Yes! Calvary Baptist Church is going to 2 services (1 online, 1 on-site) this Sunday, May 10. If you have been with us ONLINE at 10 AM every Sunday morning, you are welcome to continue to join us HERE on The Front Row at Calvary Baptist Church. We will also be ON-SITE at 10:10 AM (our usual time) on Sundays as well. If you come to our ON-SITE service, you can expect the service to look a little different as we practice social distancing to keep you safe. We will…

1. Encourage social distancing in our behavior and our facility.

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2. Encourage you to wear masks and any other personal protective equipment. (For example: the only time I will not be wearing a mask is when I am on the platform.)

3. Encourage attendees to avoid using restroom facilities.

4. Sanitize/disinfect those facilities after every use.

5. Not pass out literature (bulletins, etc).

6. Not pass the offering or communion plates.

7. Have designated door greeters who will open our main doors for you


8. Rope off every other pew so that we can sit socially distant from one another and not exceed 50% of our capacity.

We are taking such measures at the request of our Iowa Department of Public Health. We believe it is the loving thing to do in a time when respecting personal space is a way to give others peace of mind and not inadvertently cause a crisis of confidence or induce fear.

We will continue to do Bible studies via phone and online. We will NOT be resuming Wednesday night activities at this time. Our new ONLINE mid-week Bible study begins this THURSDAY (May 14) at 7 PM. If you would like to be involved in this ONLINE Bible study, let Pastor John know and he will be looking for you. These Bible studies are about 40-45 minutes in length and questions can be typed in as Pastor John presents the Scripture.

As we walk forward together, let us remember that it is our hearts before God that matter. If you are joining us online, may God be praised as we worship Him together. If you are joining us in the building, may God be praised as we worship Him together. In all things, let me encourage you to be loving to one another. Do you have a member of the church family that you have reached out to at this time? Keep reaching out. We might have thought that the shutdown was hard. I have a suspicion that moving forward will have its own unique and sometimes unexpected challenges.

I welcome your thoughts and encourage your questions. If you are in a high-risk group, please worship from home. Please don’t be cut off from people. Just stay safe and follow your convictions for both your health and for following Jesus as a child of the King!

May God lead us forward together,

Pastor John

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