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January 12 – Love Working in You

Scripture(s): 1 John 4:7-14

The world suffers from a thirst for love.  No, it doesn’t always thirst for expressions of love.  No, it doesn’t always hunger for words of love.  However, all of us hunger and thirst for real, abiding love.

January 5 – Year of Challenge

Over this past year, God has taught us through the book of Joshua, through a study of what the average Christian can do (it’s more than we sometimes think!), and we are currently in the middle of our study of 1 John.

December 29 – The Prince of Peace

Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:6-7

Jesus offers peace.  However, it is not the absence of hurt or a panacea to cure all ills.  It is a peace of the soul.  It is also a life of peace that we must choose.

December 22 – Everlasting Father

Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:1-7

Just like modern day fathers, our understanding of Jesus can be muddled in the Father category as well.  It is important that we understand that fathers are people you can depend on to take care of you.  This is what we are promised in Jesus.

December 15 – Jesus, He is God

Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:1-7 & assorted texts

When we come to the baby in the manger, who do we find there? We do not just find a healthy infant.  We also find God.

December 8 – Our Counselor

Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:1-6

When it comes to trust, the proof is always in the doing.  It isn’t enough to simply agree that someone is right.  We must act on their advice before we really trust them.  Do we live that way with Jesus?

December 1 – Wonderful Savior

Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:1-7

The words that describe the coming of Jesus are not just held out there with no connection to the lives of people. The prophecies of Jesus are directly connected to the events of the day. Why? They are connected because Jesus is connected to the events of the day. He was connected to their lives then, and He is connected to our lives now.

November 24 – Guest Speaker: Warren Jernstad – What is Hell?

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