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March 19 – When God Says Hard Things

Scripture(s): Romans 11:7-12

When thinking about what God is doing in our lives we must spend time considering God’s purpose. We must spend enough time thinking about His purpose that we embrace that purpose as our own. His purpose is to reveal to His loved ones His glory.

March 12 – Don’t Give Up on Them

Scripture(s): Romans 11:1-6

When we try to understand what God is doing in the lives of difficult people, it can be tempting to look at a couple of pieces of information and jump to conclusions. However, the Christian’s call is to see life and the people in it as Jesus sees. We must understand life using truth rather than personal experience.

March 5 – How Will They Hear?

Scripture(s): Romans 10:14-21

February 26 – God’s Greatest Gift – Jesus!

Scripture(s): Romans 10:8-13

How does one become a Christian? In a question and answer format, Pastor John shares with us a key scripture that explains just that!

February 19 – The Failure of Effort

Scripture(s): Romans 9:30 – 10:10

There are two difficult heart questions for Christians to answer. The first is the question of evil: “If God is so good and powerful, why is there so much evil in the world?” The second is the question of good people: “Why do good people ignore and reject Jesus? We examine the second question this week.

February 12 – A Powerful Mercy

Scripture(s): Romans 9:14-29

What is the natural result of sin?  The natural result is death and separation from God. How can we escape the natural course? We escape only if someone intervenes.  That someone was and is God.

February 5 – Mercy and Compassion

Scripture(s): Romans 9:9-16

January 29 – Wants & Truth

When it comes to salvation, many struggle facing reality.  Many run from salvation believing that they will be all right in the end.  Many ignore the truths of Jesus in the vain hope that there will be a plan B. The child of God hears the call of Christ’s truth.  They don’t just hear it for themselves.  They hear its call to everyone.

Scripture(s): Romans 9:1-8

January 22 – Conquering in Christ

What leads to living a defeated life is not just our struggles or our failures. We all have those. What leads to a defeated life is a lack of certainty about who is on your side. If we can’t be certain that God will ALWAYS love us, then there are all sorts of circumstances that can knock us down.

Scripture(s): Romans 8:31-39

January 15 – Praying with Confidence

When we pray, we can get caught up in theology and words. Yet, the prayers of God’s people in His word don’t look like that. They are passionate pleas to a loving Father. They pray like that because they remember how God has loved them.

Scripture(s): Romans 8:26-30

January 8 – The Power for Living: The Resurrection!

‘Out of death,’ was more that a spiritual idea for Paul. The promised resurrection of the body to match the spiritual resurrection that salvation brought gave Paul great confidence. Does it give you the same confidence?

Romans 8:18-25

January 1 – Anna and Simeon Lead the Way

Scripture(s): Luke 2:21-38

December 25 – What Does the King’s Coming Mean?

There is something fascinating about the birth of Jesus as Matthew shares it. By the time the Magi come everyone involved knows that Jesus is the new king. The Magi know. Herod knows. The priests know. All act on that information. What do we do?

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

December 18 – The Love of God Seen in How He Acts

We are forgetful. We forget to notice love. We forget to notice the every day acts of caring. We forget that love is seen and expressed in every day actions.

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25

December 11 – Why Is The Coming of Jesus Important?

Mary bursts into praise when Elizabeth expresses her joy at the coming of Mary. She does so, not because of some commercial or cynical motive. She bursts into praise because she knows that God is doing a profound thing in Jesus.

Scripture(s): Luke 1:46-56

December 4 – Peace When We Struggle Finding Peace

We are told that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. How exactly does that work? What is He doing to bring His peace to us? As part of the essential promises of Christ’s first coming, His peace is important to understand.

Scripture(s): Scripture(s): Micah 5:1-5; Micah 4:1-8; Isaiah 9:6-7

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