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February 28 – Real Christians Prepare their Hearts

Scripture(s): James 1:19-27

In our lives we must make sure that we are truly ready to receive the blessing of God.  That preparation is not by making our houses and barns bigger to hold the stuff.  The preparation is not by planning what we will do with the blessings when they come.  The preparation we need is to make the heart ready to be used by God.

February 21 – Spoiled Pleasure

Scripture(s): James 1:12-18

Is our problem that we seek to be happy, or is our problem that we settle for happiness that will not last?  Even though these verses  continue to talk about struggles, it is these truths which will truly prepare us to also seek real blessings.

February 14 – A For Attitude

Scripture(s): James 1:9-12

Understanding life and its struggles is more that just putting facts together.  We have to interpret those facts. Where does that interpretation happen? That interpretation happens in the crucible of our attitude.

February 7 – Struggling for the Good

Scripture(s): James 1:1-8

Trials are anything which call to us to depend on Jesus to be our true joy rather than a substitute to push back our fears or helplessness. Trials are anything which sand off our self-centered sins and make us more like Jesus.  Trials are anything that demand for us to respond in faith in order for our response to please Jesus. Quite a pickle, aren’t they?! The only way to know if we will walk in faith is to walk through them.

January 31 – Faith Should Change Us

Scripture(s): James2:14-17

Enjoy this overview of James as we begin our new study of the book of James -Faith in Action!

January 24 – A Primer to Understand the Scripture (part 2 of 2)

Scripture(s): 2 Timothy 2:14-17a

January 17 – A Primer to Understand the Scripture (part 1 of 2)

Scripture(s): 2 Timothy 2:14-17a

The Bible declares to us that all Scripture is inspired by God. This means that the whole Bible gives us what we need to become like Jesus.  Each part of the Bible is a different tool for our growth. Do we know what each tool is good for?

January 10 – What Have We Learned in 2020?

The truths we have seen this year in Scripture are the ones that we need in the crucible of life. They aren’t unusual truths. They are just essential ones.

January 3 – The Christian’s Walk

Scripture(s): 1 Thessalonians 4

Have you ever heard of the Christian walk? This walk is how the Bible describes the commitment of the Christian life. Our special guest, Warren Jernstad shares with us an overview of our Christian walk and the significant choices we make.

December 27 – Alpha & Omega – God!

Scripture(s): Isaiah 44, 48 & Revelation 1, 22

When we say that Jesus is the Son of God, exactly what does that mean? It is more than just that God sees Jesus as special. It is more than that Jesus is a very powerful being. Jesus is God of very God. As we think about the baby in the manger, we must also remember the significance of  being the Son of God.

December 13 – Immanuel, God With Us

Scripture(s): Matthew 1:18-25; Isaiah 7:10-16; 8:5-8

It is something for God to give us a goal to shoot for.  It is quite another for God to come and live that goal for us.  This is Jesus. In the name, Immanuel, we discover what that goal is and how to live in it.

December 6 – The Branch

Scripture(s): Jeremiah 33; Isaiah 11, 53; Zechariah 6

We are used to hearing the name “Son of David” in the New Testament referring to Jesus.  It is the name Branch that tells us what that means.  May we rejoice that our King has come.

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