January 16 – The Right Man for the Job

Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 3:1-7

Paul could have encouraged us to have leaders who had certain skills or giftedness. That’s not what he does. Paul encourages to pay attention to the type of people our leaders are. He does this because those who will truly lead well will be those character shows that they are truly chasing after Jesus.

January 9 – The Character that Prays

Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 2:8-15

Do you remember the Biblical admonition, “A man reaps what he sows?” Do we understand how that applies to our character? It is people of godly character who truly respond to God’s call to pray.

January 2 – Why Share Jesus?

John 3

Guest speaker, Al Pietsch, challenges us to heed the call to share Jesus. Why? Because He lives!

December 26 – The Struggles of those involved in Bringing us Jesus

Scripture(s): Focus – Luke 2:1-12; Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2

Our lives are full of struggles.  It is easy when we think about the beauty of the nativity to forget that those people had struggles too.  Yet, we all know how we respond when God is doing a new thing among us.

December 19 – The Shadows of Christmas

Scripture(s): Luke 2:25-35; Matthew 2:16-18

When we are seeking God diligently, we are surprised by shadows. We read of the hope and the joy of the Christian life, and we can start to assume that the joy we are promised removes the struggles. That is happiness, not joy. The joy we are promised does not remove the struggles, it overcomes them. We even see it in the first Christmas.

December 12 – The Sacrifices of Mary

Scripture(s): Luke 1 26-40

Let us consider the cost Mary was willing to pay to be a part of God’s story.  Let us note her cost and then ask if we treat God with the same worth.

December 5 – Surprised by God’s Call

Scripture(s): Luke 1 5-25; 57-66

Do you think the parents of John the Baptist struggled like we do? Were they human?  Did they have doubts and struggles with God’s call on their life?  Let’s look and learn today about God’s working in their lives, and how they responded to Him.  

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