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January 21 – When the Flaws Get Bad

Scripture(s): Exodus 4-14; Numbers 22-23; Jonah 3-4

When we, or people around us, are living in sin we must not start believing that God’s hands are tied. No, when we humans are in rebellion or compromise God is still at work. It is the amazing part of God’s omniscience and omnipotence. Our God is never thwarted.

January 14 – Though a Host Encamp Against Me

Scripture(s): Psalm 27:1-3; Genesis 20; 1 Samuel 23; Genesis 50

People can be tough to live with. It isn’t just them, is it? We also are part of that struggle. We make mistakes. We sin. Sometimes people make us their enemy. Is God still working in such situations?

January 7 – God Remembers His Promises

Scripture(s): Genesis 8:1-12; Genesis 17:19; Luke 1:46-55

Why would God intervene in our lives? Most of us are not important, are we? Most of us don’t see ourselves as deserving, do we? So why does He intervene? He intervenes because God has made promises that He will surely keep.


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