Answers…to life!

 Do you notice a void in your life?  God answers the needs of your heart.  This page gives Biblical answers to some important life questions. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask below, check out our got questions? page, or email our pastor at

Q: What do you mean, a void in my life?

A: Have you ever noticed that there is something missing in your life?  In fact, it seems that things never fill it and shallow relationships never complete it.  Jesus said, “The thief comes only to kill, steal, and destroy; but I have come that they might have life and might have it to the full.”  The thief that Jesus was speaking about was Satan (the Devil) and the stealing, killing, and destroying is that void so many people feel.  Jesus said that He came to fill it – to give true life.  That’s what we are missing without Jesus.  We need a place to belong.  We need life, true life. 

Q: Why do I need this life?

A: What’s the opposite of life?  Death, right?  Jesus also said that the wages of sin is death.  Sin, the stuff that is in our lives that doesn’t look like God, is what Satan gives us.  He says that it is fun to live for yourself.  In fact, haven’t you ever heard it said that we should, “live it up!”?  Unfortunately, that way is the way of death.  That’s why you’ve noticed the void in your life.  You’re feeling that death.

Q: What can I do to get this life?

A: Finding a place to belong or a place to find life may seem like an impossible task.  Perhaps you’ve tried many things.  However, finding this place of life and belonging is as simple as falling in love.  Have you ever done that?  Falling in love generally means being willing to give your self to someone completely – you live for them, you talk and listen to them, you believe in them.  This is what Jesus asks you to do with Him.  He says, “Follow me.”  His Word says that you simply need to believe that Jesus is Lord (God) and that He died and rose again to give you life.  The wages of sin may be death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus our Lord.

Q: What if I have done horrible things?

A: There are those whose love demands that we do good things before forgiveness and love are given. That’s not what God does. Jesus is not going into a relationship with you blind-folded.  In fact, that is exactly why He died – He knew that we need Him!  Jesus’ word says that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.  Yet, He shed His own blood so that we would know that His love has no strings attached.  In fact, He said, “the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.”  He has already promised to receive you!

Q: What should I do now?

A: Do you want to know life?  Do you want a place to belong?  Tell Jesus all the things that you have done wrong.  Don’t worry, just talk to Him like a friend.  Tell Him that you know that He is God and that He died to save you and give you life.  Ask Him to give you that life as you believe on Him.  Then, thank Him for His love and talk with Him each day about your hopes, dreams, struggles, and what He wants to do with you in your life.

Q: How do I learn more about this place to belong?

A: It’s a good idea to find a Bible, Jesus’ holy Word, and start by reading about Him in a book called John.  Read the entire book to hear of who Jesus is and what He has done for you.  Then turn to the book of Romans and read about what He has done means.  In fact, some of the verses that you will read there you already read here.  Next, find a strong, Bible teaching church to attend.  We would welcome you here at Calvary, but you need to find a place close to your home that truly teaches about Jesus.  Finally, tell others about what you’ve found – aren’t you glad someone told you?

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