Got Questions?

questionsQuestions are great! They make us seek answers. If you have questions, it’s time to find those answers. Below are several common questions with a little video that is a beginning place to find the answer. What questions will you ask? What answers will you find?

Doesn’t science make parts of the Bible myth or legend? Isn’t science based on fact while the Bible is based on mere faith?

How can I know true life? What does it take?

Can I trust that what my Bible says matches what Jesus actually said? Hasn’t the Bible been translated so many times that it can’t be trusted? Learn the truth today.

How does God grade us? Is it a curve? Do our good deeds erase the bad ones? Is that how it happens in our legal system? Or are we wanting something that is truly unjust? God has a different plan!

Where is God when I hurt? That is a profound question today. Perhaps we will find it helpful to know that others found Him right there with them in their pain.

We hear about so many errors in the Bible. Are there really that many errors? Or, are those who report those errors making much over very little? The real question is – can the Bible be trusted?

Why isn’t the belief in God just superstition? Is there a good reason to believe that God exists? This isn’t about iron-clad proof. This is about reasonable arguments.

What makes a Christian different? Is it their clothes? Is it their hair? How does being a Christian change your thinking and life?

Ask any two people about what happens when you die and you will get three opinions. What does the Bible say?

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Our video partner for these answers is They have many more questions and answers from trusted Bible teachers. Check them out if you are looking for answers to life’s tough questions.

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