Got Questions?

got-questionsQuestions are great! They make us seek answers. If you have questions, it’s time to find those answers. Below are several common questions with a little video that is a beginning place to find the answer. What questions will you ask? What answers will you find?

Doesn’t science make parts of the Bible myth or legend? Isn’t science based on fact while the Bible is based on mere faith?

How can I know true life? What does it take?



Can I trust that what my Bible says matches what Jesus actually said? Hasn’t the Bible been translated so many times that it can’t be trusted? Learn the truth today.


How does God grade us? Is it a curve? Do our good deeds erase the bad ones? Is that how it happens in our legal system? Or are we wanting something that is truly unjust? God has a different plan!


Check back here for answers to more of life’s great questions. You can always ask questions in the comment sections below or contact us at:

515-961-5410 or


Feel free to comment or ask a question here!

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