Calvary Baptist Church – where are we?
Calvary Baptist Church is located on highway 65/69 just north of Indianola, IA.  We are right by Phillips’ Floors on the outer road.  Our address is 2708 N Jefferson, Indianola, IA  50125.
Calvary Baptist Church – who are we?
Calvary Baptist Church is a vibrant Southern Baptist Church.  We freely associate with the Baptist Convention of Iowa and the churches of the Metro Baptist Association.  We believe in the deity of Christ, His sacrificial death on our behalf, and His physical resurrection and eventual return for His people.  We believe that all people need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that all people need (whether they receive Jesus or not) to receive His love through the kindness of His people.  Calvary Baptist Church is a community of believers that seeks to love Jesus and love people as He would.
9:00 Bible study for all ages
10:10 Worship celebration for everyone
6:00 Worship Bible Study
7:00 Bible study for adults
7:00 TeamKID – Kids In Discipleship (for kids ages 3-12)
7:00 Youth (ages 13-18)
Calvary Baptist Church – our vision
We want to be a church that reaches out to our neighbors.  We do that through…
  • meaningful praise and worship,
  • the teaching of God’s Word,
  • prayer and caring for one another,
  • sharing God’s grace with all who seek His truth and hope.

If you are looking for a place where …

  • you will find acceptance as you are, a place to belong, a place to grow, a place to serve …
  • you will find Biblical answers for honest questions and problems…
  • you will find the healing grace and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ…

… then Calvary will be your answer!

13 Responses to About

  1. jeff says:

    very good but i see it as if you are faithful then the palms 23.1 should be factored in as reward to say and those do not honor god are left poor or unemployed struggle in life, while not everyone should be super rich have pricey things just the provisions of life to prevent struggle, those who do not then left to struggle, i did ask for forgiveness and to be saved yet struggle worse than those i know that are not and there are several. i view the bible as set of rules to be followed and like company you work at the policies instated if not are then fired or reprimanded, i dont blame just try to find solution as blame, (truncated due to privacy concerns, see below)

    Admin notice: Calvary Baptist Church will edit comments to this website based upon two criteria: 1) the use of profane or vulgar language, or 2) privacy concerns for those posting. In either case, Calvary Baptist Church will still post your comments. Only the problematic material will be removed. Every effort will be made to present the comment’s original point or question.)

    • Pastor John says:

      It is only in the modern world that having food in your belly and something over your head is not enough to prove God’s providence. If I could help in this way: the Bible does not claim to be just a set of rules to be followed which result in rewards. It is an invitation to know, understand, and see God and this life for what they really are. Our perspectives are always limited by our experiences, desires, and failures. God’s is not. It is His perspective we should be trying to put in our own life. As we do, these questions begin to make more sense. It is a lifelong journey of faith in what cannot be simply seen with our eyes or feel in our hearts. It is a journey of trust. That is what makes it hard. It is all about trust and believing that God loves you. Completely. Totally. It is a love that surpasses our present struggles.

  2. jeff says:

    ok to open a can of worms why is there unemployment and hunger in the world as palms 23.1 and Philippians 4.19 state of to provide so not lacking is it that must fully depend on god just how does god provide as a human has the money animals and plants for food you would think to honor god he would provide so you would give thanks and tell others so they too would lean on god instead of using suffering and troubles. i look at it as if i were a parent would i not provide for my child and care for them not abandon them or cause sorrow and suffering they would rebel and resent you after a while, say throwing away their favorite toy as example even in the work place people leave due to problems the more i learn the less find god credible such as food jobs family and all life offers, not so sure god is so kind and loving as been told over the years by pastors, to afflict you and give you a disease or cancer i tell others how can you do worse with the devil? right now i am ina neutral state of chose neither.

    • Pastor John says:

      Jeff – To be honest, I think that we spend much of our time blaming God for problems that we create. Hunger, violence, and war are all our making. Sure, there are natural disasters, but the majority of what you commented on has to do with problems of our own making. Without destroying our ability to choose for ourselves, what should God do? He has given us a world that takes care of us. He has set up systems (like families and the church) that care for us. We just assume those things will exist. We take them for granted. We don’t see them as God’s gifts. We chalk it up to just the natural order of things. However, the Scripture is clear that all of our blessings (not just the ones we think are unusual or supernatural) come from God. Then, all evil we want to blame God for. Yet, which evils are God’s fault? Did He force the selfish or abusive person to be that way? Did He force the nations to kill one another? And which “sins” do we want God to prevent? Just how will He do that without making us less than what we are? How will He do that without taking away our ability to make choices? We can say, “Why doesn’t God get rid of so and so…?” Yet, would we want Him to just intervene when we are selfish or mean or cruel? Our ancestors rejected God’s way. We reaffirm that rejection in every generation. We should not be surprised at what happens next.

  3. jeff says:

    warfare is an strange part of life one country uses it for defense and protection and another to occupy another region. no matter i would like to request a prayer as to change from military subject to those in need, for those without jobs, homes, medical concerns and help those in need as Palms 23.1 states “so are lacking nothing”, i wondered all these years of does prayer really work or is it prompting to ask for something, at first thought of prayer as a ritual to convenience yourself that something will happen whether you prayed or not.

  4. jeff says:

    i was just puzzled on how one could think of a scenario, such as saul perform the actions then later was entered into the bible not saying the military read the bible for suggestions and ideas, just wondering did god cause the action or was it man himself makes one think. And again see why you are leader of a church humble, bright, light-hearted humor, and good communicator. in my question was just wondering how much was god rest man’s doings and did the worlds armies consider that passage a way to inflict damage on the enemy life is strange i just live here. thanks for your reasoning could you imagine a bible rewritten for modern times be unreal.

  5. Christine nelson says:

    What version of the bible do you preach out of?

    • Pastor John says:

      Thank you for asking about the translation we use. Generally, I preach out of the New American Standard version. Since my desire as pastor is to lead God’s people in the study of the Word of God, I want to use a translation that treats the text as literally as possible and still be clear to the people. I know that many people will use paraphrases for devotional use, but we want to be able to study as close to the Hebrew and Greek as possible. Our desire in the studying of God’s Word is to hear it as it was given and intended. This means that we will predominantly use the King James, the New King James, the New American Standard and the English Standard versions in our preaching and teaching.

      • Jeff says:

        After meeting you i tell others he is a great man and giggle a lot,any man who can make fun of himself at a public gather is a great man (12/5/15 dinner). The more i research the bible more stunned i become i use bible gateway,and research internet by topic to study. One i came across by surprise is God laughes at your calamities and problems that over take you, another is from church 15.3 on Saul was order to kill all living things, wondering when you hear of such a tragedy did they get it from the bible i watched WW2 shows as like history to see the Russians take all livestock and strip the crops of the advancing Germans, then when German’s made their retreat, called operation scorched earth as all livestock was killed or loaded onto trains, burned all crops and bombed or artillery was used to destroy all buildings, destroyed rail road tracks, blew up telephone lines. similar to Saul or just warfare lot still to learn. life is complex and wonder how can a man do such things.

      • Pastor John says:

        Thanks for your encouragement! Regarding the scorched earth policy of WW2, I don’t think that it comes from the Bible. It is a common military tactic. It is used when an army wants to punish an enemy rather than just take them over. The context of the Old Testament has to do with Israel being God’s instrument of justice in the land of Canaan. Although the effect may be similar, the motive is different.

    • Jeff says:

      i was to thank for all the talks we had on concerns or questions about the bible, you were a big help. Lastly would your church want to participate in may 2016 for the revised church band lend a hand as the old was bands for helping hands, this way will try 2 concerts one in may the other in September for 2 chariteis in town. let me know and will provide more details on this as the first concert was organized by another church asked wanted help keeping it going no, he responded so i plan for same location and twice a year for helping those in need. contact jeff at music2 manage at gmail to let me know thanks.

  6. Jeff says:

    Why do Pastors talk of how kind god is suppose to be yet I have seen a darker side of life, women troubles jobs short term or laid off, mother dies painfully of cancer, unemployed, homeless, police are monitoring myself for being homeless and list is ever so long, even have contracted west nile an MRSA. I have abandoned church, stopped all prayers and turned my back on god as life can’t get much worse, even my relatives turned against me for my mothers death. So are some people blessed others punished for living? I try to do right, don’t steal and help others still, but such a nightmare that has come over me.

    • Pastor John says:

      Wow, Jeff. That is a lot of pain that you describe there. Let me just say, I don’t have a quick fix pill or Band-Aid for the things you describe. However, what I can tell you is that God is real and He does, when I don’t fight Him, give meaning and purpose to my life. To answer your direct question… No, some people are not blessed while others are punished. Life happens to us all. Sometimes the bad things come in bundles, like you are describing. Sometimes it is stretched out over several decades. When it comes in bundles, it feels a lot like you’ve described. The hope that I have is that it doesn’t stay like that, and Jesus can make a difference during the down times. I know, I am just bodiless text on a page to you now, but if we could open a dialogue I would be love to help you. If you want to talk more, let me know.

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