Almost Parents’ Night Out

From our house to yours…

children jumping

What you usually see here is an invitation for your children to join us this weekend for a night of games, stories, crafts and fun! However, we can’t do that right now. So, we offer this activity video for you to enjoy! It may not be Parents’ Night Out, but it’s close! We are also including two coloring pictures that you can print off and use during the story times as well.

So, cue up the video. Print off the coloring pages. Get some paper, crayons, scissors and tape for the crafts. Gather the kids around the TV or computer. And have fun!

This children’s activity video is something that parents and children can do together. We hope that it ministers to your family during this time of social distancing and staying at home. It’s just for fun, so enjoy the crafts, story, and recreation. It is almost Parents’ Night Out. It is a gift to the community from Calvary Baptist Church. Music has been provided by
Picture provided by Hope E.
Picture provided by Hope E.
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