Parents’ Night Out

children jumping

Calvary Baptist Church is offering Parents’ Night Out on Friday night, February 14, from 6-9 PM. This is free babysitting with no strings attached. Parents, go out for a night on the town! Drop off children 12 years old and younger for a free evening of age appropriate activities and a light meal. There is no cost for the activities or the meal. You can contact Calvary Baptist Church at 515-961-5410 or 515-661-1060 to pre-register or pre-register by sending us an email through the form below. Pre-registration is not required but would be appreciated.  Feel free to ask any questions, but check out the frequently asked questions below as well.

Frequently asked questions:

What type of activities will the children be doing? The children will be participating in age appropriate crafts, Bible stories, and recreation. Our evening usually ends with a wind down movie (usually Veggie Tales) and popcorn.

Who watches the children? Screened members of Calvary Baptist Church watch your children. Although we do have some youth helpers, children are always supervised by experienced adult workers.

How much does it cost? Parents’ Night Out is always free.

Do I have to arrive at 6:00? Can I pick my child up early? We appreciate arrival as close to 6:00 as possible so that our programming can begin. However, if you need to be later, please call us to make arrangements. There is never a problem for parents to come early to pick up their children.

Is it okay to bring my infant? Yes. Any child from infancy to 12 years of age is welcome. All that we ask for babies is that appropriate formula and/or diapers be provided by the family. If you are comfortable leaving an infant with us, we will be happy to care for them. (Our workers think babies are great!)

Other questions? – Feel free to ask in the contact box above.

You can pre-register your children or ask questions there. The evening is an outreach ministry of Calvary Baptist church. We hope that it is a service to parents and their children. Feel free to direct any questions to the phone numbers above or use the form above. If you want to pre-register, please put in the email the information requested. Of course, feel free to give us any feedback regarding the information that you have been able to receive and the time your children had at the Parents’ Night Out. We want to always improve in our service to the community.

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