New Podcast – Here’s What You Missed!


Our College and Careers class talks about some amazing God stuff! If you’ve been away, check out our most recent podcast! On it you will hear the class talking about a recent study and invite you to be a part!

What did we just talk about?

Romans 12

Topic – Going to Church

Why Go to Church (Part 1)

What does God say about why He thinks we should go to church?


Is there a difference between choosing to be alone and loneliness? Does it matter?

Why Go to Church (Part 2)

There is a very good reason for going to church. It’s good for you!

Why Go to Church (Part 3)

How does my going to church benefit others? Does it really? Should that matter to me?

Making Your Faith Your Own

Are you living in the shadow of your parents’ faith? How do you make your faith your own? Today’s starter question – How do you know that you are an adult?!


What does sin do to us? What should we do about it? How do we find victory?


Words matter. How do you know that your words are good words? How do you decide what words do you let in your heart?

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