Sermons of Interest

The following sermons are from Special Interest Series and are available for you to listen to on your computer at home. Check out our other sermon pages to find other sermon series and sermons of special interest. Below the sermons of interest. Please comment or ask questions below in the comment section!
You have two choices when you click below.  You can listen through our built in media player, or you can download the sermon to keep. If you select our media player, it can begin playing almost immediately (depending on your bandwidth). Each 30-40 minute sermon is less than 10 MB in size.
The   Cross –   Meditating on Failure
The   cross seems to be the ultimate failure of a life. However,   it is other   failures at the cross that show the cross to be the ultimate  victory.   (note – there is a blank spot at the beginning of the recording – 20     seconds)
What   Purpose Does   Suffering Serve?
The   reason we struggle with suffering and how to handle it is because   we   don’t understand it. Why do we have to suffer? Saying that it is just the  product of a fallen world is not good enough.
Reflecting   Jesus
Whether   of yesterday or today, a clean mirror is a good mirror. The   same will   be true of those who want to follow Christ. We reflect Jesus to     others. We can either do it well or do it poorly. How can we reflect Christ’s     salvation to others?
Living   Righteously   Before the World
We need righteousness because we live in a world that is unrighteous.   But has   this world colored our way of understanding righteousness? Let us reexamine     3 principles that define what it means to live righteously before the   world.
Why   Trust God?  
God is   worthy of our trust for 4 important reasons. Now maybe you   don’t need   to know why – great. But when it seems that God’s way isn’t working   or   when God’s way isn’t our way, we need it! 
What Does Calvary Baptist Church Believe…
John 1 – The Bible, What is It?
John 10 – The Believer’s Confidence
1 Corinthians 12 – What Is the Church?
Deuteronomy 5 – The   Lord’s Day 

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