Evening Sermon Series

Sermons to minister to your heart.

The following sermons come from our evening service and are available for you to listen to on your computer at home. Check out our other sermon pages to find other sermon series and sermons of special interest. Please comment or ask questions below in the comment section!

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March 1 – Christ’s Deity Shown in the Cross

Scripture(s): John 19:16-42

Paul declares in Philippians that Jesus emptied Himself when He came to earth and died for us. Yet, in the same passage, Paul declares that in doing so Jesus was being the very thing God wanted: our Savior and King. John’s message in His gospel is that in coming to earth, Jesus’ humiliation is the very thing that demonstrates His glory.

February 23 – The Drama of the Crucifixion

Scripture(s): John 19:1-16

The early church had morality plays to tell the story of God.  Even through today, good dramas don’t just entertain.  Good dramas show us something about the human condition.  Jesus’ death is a drama filled with conflict.  It is also a drama that reveals our need.

February 16 – Pilate, A Man In Trouble

Scripture(s): John 18:28-19:12

Pilate finds himself in a difficult position. The man with all the power finds himself powerless. He is a picture of our need of Jesus.

February 9 – The First Trial of Jesus

Scripture(s): John 18

As we come to the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry, the circumstances of His life do not get better. They get tremendously worse. Yet, even in this most painful of times Jesus was still doing the Father’s will.

January 26 – Peter at the Trial of Jesus

Scripture(s): John 18:12-27

The Bible rarely uses the word that we would translate as motives. Yet, it is full of the idea that our motives matter. Have we checked our motives for following Jesus recently?

January 5 – To the Cross on Purpose

Scripture(s): John 18:1-11The arrest of Jesus puts things next to each other that are not the same. In doing so, God removes all doubt: Jesus meant to go to the cross!

December 29 – The Glory that Jesus Gives to Us

Scripture(s): John 17:22-26

Glory is a word that has lost much of its personal meaning. Sure, we use it to talk about God, but its significance is lost on us. The glory of God is supposed to matter to us.

December 1 – Praying for the Disciples

Scripture(s): John 17:1-12

What people pray for teaches us. Their prayers teach us what they believe about God. The prayers of Jesus have much to teach us.

November 17 – An Argument for Patriotism

Scripture(s): Assorted scriptures

The purest form of patriotism happens at the Olympic games. The whole world knows why every athlete is there. They are there to bring honor to their country. They are there seeking to prove that their country has the greatest athletes. We all smile when it is our national anthem that is played. How can Christians be patriots?

November 3 – The Work of the Holy Spirit

Scripture(s): John 16:5-15

The Holy Spirit is not a passive member of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is active. He is actively bringing people to Jesus.

October 27 – Why Persecution Comes

Scripture(s): John 15:18-6:4

Persecution is one of those things that is so emotional that we can miss the point. The good thing is that Jesus has told us the point in advance. h�(�jL����

October 20 – How Disciples are Made

Scripture(s): John 15:9-17

Jesus shows us what it looks like to invest in people. He invested in the disciples. He led them to salvation.  He shows us how to love and disciple those around us.

October 6 – The Joys of Discipleship

Scripture(s): John 15:7-11

A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing, is worth nothing. M. Luther.

September 29 – Branches Stay Put

Scripture(s): John 15:1-6

After salvation, discipleship is what God is continuing to do in us.  We may talk about our role in discipleship, but God is working too.

September 22 – Real Peace

Scripture(s): John 14:25-31

Think about what gives you peace. Now, think about what you mean by peace. What does it mean to you. Do we have the type of peace that God means for us to have?

September 15 – Reality matters

Scripture(s): John 14:19-24

Sometimes, God doesn’t give us commands to obey or warnings to avoid. Sometimes, He just tells us truths. Those truths challenge us when we have ignored or forgotten them. The truth may not directly ask us to do something, but if we have ignored it we may find ourselves on the wrong side of it.

September 1 – The Wonder of the Holy Spirit

Scripture(s): John 14:16-20

Many believers think about the Holy Spirit as the power of God in their lives. However, they have missed a bit of the glory of the Holy Spirit. As we listen to what Jesus taught His disciples, we will see what a wonderful gift He is.

August 25 – Why Obedience is Part of Loving Jesus

Scripture(s): John 14:7-15

What makes loving Jesus synonymous with obeying Him? Why are those two things tied together?

August 11 – Jesus is the Way

Scripture(s): John 14:1-6

As we think about our Christian life, who is Jesus to us? Is He the One that gives us the rules for living? Or, is He the One who makes our life living rather than just surviving?

July 28 – The Betrayal and the Glory

Scripture(s): John 13:17-37

When we say that Jesus is God, to what are we referring? Are we just thinking of His glory or goodness? Or, do we realize that it also mean that He cannot be overcome or thwarted?

July 21 – Serving as a Picture of Salvation

Scripture(s): John 13: 1-17

Many paintings and stories make us feel something very deeply.  How Jesus prepared for His own death paints a picture for us.  It is a picture that puts others first.

July 7 – Discipleship & Consequences

Scripture(s): John 12:37-50

In our lives, there comes a time in our relationship with Jesus that we must fish or cut bait. We know who He is. We might have even asked Him to save us from our sins. However, He doesn’t just want to save us from the eternal consequences of sin. He wants to lead us away from the deceitfulness of sin everyday.  This is discipleship.

June 30 – First Steps of Discipleship (Part 2)

Scripture(s): John 12:20-36

Jesus was not interested in drawing a crowd. He was interested in drawing disciples unto Himself. To understand discipleship we must begin where Jesus did.

June 23 – First Steps of Discipleship (Part 1)

Scripture(s): John 12:20-36

Jesus was not interested in drawing a crowd. He was interested in drawing disciples unto Himself. To understand discipleship we must begin where Jesus did.

June 9 – Act or React?

Scripture(s): John 12:1-19

Responding in kind is natural. When someone is angry, we tend to get caught up in it. The question to answer is, “Is that what we are supposed to do?” Are we supposed to fight fire with fire or evil with evil? Character is who we are when no one is looking. Character is also who we are when the pressure is upon us!

June 2 – The Savior Who Hurts with Us

Scripture(s): John 11:28-54

When we read that God wants us to think higher, more lofty thoughts than our flesh leads us to do we think that He cannot understand why we think the way that we do? Do we really understand how big His love is for us? God doesn’t just call us to think higher. He also hurts with us when we struggle.

May 26 – The Waiting Savior

Scripture(s): John 11:1-27

When it comes to understanding our life, it is important to ask: Does God see my life the way I do? If not, then it is time for us to grow in the way we see this life we have.

May 5 – The Good Shepherd Opposed

Scripture(s): John 10:19-42

People have lots of reasons that they give for not receiving Jesus as Savior. Although we should answer those objections, we should also listen for the real reasons that are just below the surface.

April 14 – The Good Shepherd

Scripture(s): John 10:1-18

Jesus is more than a prophet. He is more than any teacher we have ever seen. That difference calls us to trust Him for our forever.

April 7 – Why Things Happen

Scripture(s): John 9

The answer to the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” has the same answer as this question, “Why do good things happen to good people?” It’s not a simplistic thing. It is an amazing thing.

March 31 – Living in the Truth

Scripture(s): John 8:31-59

People say that God is our Heavenly Father. What do we mean by that? Is He just the Daddy in the heavens? Or, is He the One we want to copy? The One we want to please?

March 17 – The Light of the World

Scripture(s): John 8:12-30

Yes, we should believe Jesus without needing Him to constantly provide proof. Yet, Jesus does remind us over and over of why we can and must trust Him with our whole life.

February 24 – The Profound Grace of Jesus

Scripture(s):  John 8:1-12

We don’t really understand the weight of our sin. Sure, we seek forgiveness, but most people see themselves as mostly good. Yet, the Bible shows us how much God loves by showing us the type of people He forgives.

February 10 – Jesus Moves in Our Hearts

Scripture(s): John 7:37-53

Sometimes God’s Word declares loudly that Jesus is the Son of God. However, we must also listen carefully when the Bible speaks quietly of the glory of Jesus.

January 20 – Rejecting Jesus

Scripture(s): John 7:14-39

What does rejection look like? It doesn’t always look like hard faces and yelling. Sometimes it looks like questions designed to delay acceptance.

December 30 – How People Treat Jesus

Scripture(s): John 6:66-7:13

There are things that we believe regardless of evidence. In order to live our lives in a consistent manner, we have to. Is the trustworthiness of Jesus one of those things?

December 9 – Why People Fight the Good News

Scripture(s): John 6:41-65

The thing that is hard about the gospel when it is truly understood is that it asks us to wrestle with some profound lies that we tell ourselves.

December 2 – The Bread of Heaven

Scripture(s):  John 6:26-40

Jesus uses the image of bread to underline an important question: for what are we living? Is that which we strive and work for worth such attention?

November 4 – The Challenging Teachings of Jesus (the beginning)

Scripture(s): John 6:1-42

John, in one chapter, moves from everyone following Jesus to a lonely twelve. His question appears to be (as fits his stated purpose), “Will you TRULY believe in Jesus?” He is worth it, but will you trust Him? He puts in stark contrast a glorious miracle and their later demand for such a miracle.

October 28 – Four Witnesses

Scripture(s): John 5:33-45

When we think about how thoroughly God demonstrates that He sent Jesus for us, it is amazing that anyone doubts it.

October 21 – Why is Jesus the Only Way?

Scripture(s): John 5:18-31

When Jesus declares that no one can come to the Father except through Me, He means it. It isn’t just a rule. It is the way it is. Can we explain why?

October 14 – Resisting The Tug of War

Scripture(s): John 5 1-17

Sometimes we are surprised by the almost immediate pull against following Jesus. We feel this anytime we take the call of Christ seriously. When Jesus saw it, how did He respond to it?

October 7 – Coming to Believe

Scripture(s):  John 4:46-54

Sometimes, we act as if believing is just a matter of facts. It isn’t. Belief requires something a bit more elusive. It requires us.

September 30 – Seeing Opportunities in Everyday Life

Scripture(s): John 4:31-42

Have you ever thought, I have nothing to give?  Have you ever wondered, does anyone really care about what I am saying?  There aren’t any opportunities here, someone says.  We need a bigger town, a bigger church, a different set of friends a different set of family.  Do we?  Or do we need to see our life, ministry, and purpose from a God perspective?

September 23 – Another Resistant Hearer

Scripture(s): John 4:1-30

There are people who resist the gospel. The exciting thing is that the gospel reaches people like that all the time.

September 16 – The Testimony of John

Scripture(s): John 3:22-36

My kids can tell you what is important to me. They can tell you the silly things that are important to me. They can tell you the serious things that are important to me. How? Because of what I talk about and how I talk about them. Do people know that about Jesus?

September 2 – Jesus Shares the Good News

Scripture(s): John 3:15-21

After Nicodemus came to Jesus, Jesus began one of the most important teachings of the New Testament. It is the New Testament in miniature. It is the gospel.

August 26 – Christ’s Response to Our Heart

Scripture(s): John 3:1-14

When we call out to Jesus, we declare our need. However, we have deeper needs than we necessarily understand.

August 5 – Who Jesus is Calls Us to Believe

Scripture: John 2:13-25

The crowds loved Jesus the miracle worker. The disciples came to love Jesus the teacher. What Jesus is really draws us to Him.

July 22 – The Wedding at Cana

Scripture(s): John 2:1-12

Mountaintops. Everyone expects to grow on mountaintops. Yet, that is not where we live. How do we grow everyday?

July 15 – When Skeptics Meet Jesus

Scripture(s): John 1:43-51

July 8 – Finding Jesus

Scripture(s): John 1:36-43

Sometimes we wait to look for Jesus until we feel ashamed to even try.  Sometimes we wait to get serious about following Jesus until we think it’s too late.  I think you may be surprised what you will find if you were to look for Jesus today.

June 24 – What Humility Does

Scripture(s): John 1:16-36

John the Baptist is never called a Christian in the New Testament. Yet, he shows us how Christians point people to Jesus.

June 10 – The Gift of Knowing Jesus

Scripture: John 1:10-18

There is a wonder that comes from knowing Jesus. It is the wonder of knowing God. God asks us to do something with that knowledge.

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