Living in Courage

Scripture(s): Joshua 1:7-9

When we walk in life, fear and worry seem to be constant companions. How does a person move past their fear? What answer does God give to us when there is something legitimate to fear?

Finding Courage in the Support of Friends

Scripture(s): Joshua 1:10-17

When we are following the call of God, we are not an island. We are a family. We are a body. God can use you to give courage to someone else.

When Fear is A Good Thing

Scripture(s): Joshua 2:1-14

When we speak of the fear of God, many people think of the emotion of fear. However, the Bible reveals that the fear of God has more to do with truly believing in what God says He can do. To the lost, that knowledge does produce fear. What does it produce in the saved?

Preparing for Rain

Scripture(s): Joshua 2:15-3:17

We are the farmers of God’s field. He has made promises and tells us what He wants us to do. Are we preparing for rain?

Ready to Remember

Scripture(s): Joshua 4

We remember things on purpose because they are important to us. We must remember God’s acts for the same reason.

Planting Time

Scripture(s): Joshua 5

In our lives, the hardest and scariest part of stepping out in faith is the planting time. This is the time where we follow God without knowing how He will reward our obedience. Will we follow Him when we feel the pressure.

The Power of God

Scripture(s): Joshua 6

Those who have a track record of dependability are those we trust. God has such a track record. Above all, His promises can be trusted.

The Consequences of Sin

Scripture(s): Joshua 7:1-15

There are two words that we must not avoid if we are going to have a strong relationship with God. In fact, we must embrace them: confession and repentance.

Taking Sin Seriously

Scripture(s): Joshua 7:16-26

Somewhere along the way many churches stopped communicating that repentance was a good thing. A false ideal of “perfect Christians” makes people hide who they are from the very help they need.

Recommitting to God

Scripture(s): Joshua 8:1-34

If you have ever realized that you have let God down, then you know the definition of being demoralized. You know what that failure feels like. You are also asking, “How can it ever be right again?”

God’s Peculiar Sovereignty

Scripture(s): Joshua 10

For those who believe in Jesus, there is also a background to our lives. We see the disciples struggle with it. We see Jesus live it. What is that background? God’s control is never in doubt.

When God’s People Forget to Pray

Scripture(s):  Joshua 9:1-27

What happens when God’s people forget to pray? Are there any real consequences?

Following Faithfully

Scripture(s): Joshua 11-19

When we become Christians we are told two things. First, that Jesus will make our way to God. Second, that we now follow Jesus in everything. What does that really look like.

Preparing for the Future

Scripture(s): Joshua 20-21

They say that the ostrich buries its head in the sand. Fun fact: it does so to turn its eggs, not hide from danger. Yet, that has become the picture of a person who tries to hide from what they fear. God urges us to prepare for rather than hide from the challenges of life.

Sin, Zeal & Misunderstanding

Scripture(s): Joshua 22

Have we really thought about why Jesus criticized the Pharisees and teachers of the law? They were the most morally conservative Jews alive. Many of them actually lived by what they believed (Saul of Tarsus was one of them). Why did Jesus criticize them? It was because they ignored the how and why and just focused on the what. When it comes to sin, we had better do the same.

Make Faith Yours

Scripture(s): Joshua 23

We worry about our friends and neighbors because of the wickedness of the world. However, we must begin by passing on our faith to those in the church.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Scripture(s): Joshua 24

I read the first and last chapters of Joshua and I think… This is how men think! They think of the challenge. They think of the mountain they are called to climb, and then the soldier, mountain man, and teenager in them responds, “Here am I, send me!”