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The Foundation of Forgiveness

Scripture(s): Philemon 1:1-7

It is something to be forgiven.  When you know that you have done wrong and need restoration.  At that point, there is nothing sweeter.  However, it is difficult for the person who is being asked to forgive.  Why?  Because it costs them so much.

The Healthy Habits of Forgiveness

Scripture(s): Philemon 1:1-9

There is great value in choosing healthy habits to become healthy. No, we may not be healthy already, but those habits make us healthy. Spiritually, the healthy habit that we need is forgiveness.

Restoration through Forgiveness

Scripture(s): Philemon 1:8-17

Restoration changes things: Attitudes, feelings, hopes, dreams. What would restoration do in a few of your relationships? Have you thought about it?

3 Essentials of Forgiveness

Scripture(s): Philemon 1:17-20

Too many times we call things forgiveness that aren’t. We hold grudges. We just say the words, but we hold onto the pain. How can we truly forgive?