Onsite at Calvary

What will worship be like if you come onsite to Calvary? We want you to know what you can expect when you worship in person at Calvary Baptist Church. If you have ANY questions at all, please call the church office at 515-961-5410.

Our Sunday morning service onsite is much like the online version. Our approach to COVID-19 is based upon a desire to minister to the needs of all who attend. Instead of fear, you will hear words of grace, care, and responsibility. Because we believe in personal freedom AND personal responsibility, we won’t REQUIRE attendees to do certain things. However, because we believe in both freedom and responsibility, WE WILL be doing the following things and encourage ALL attendees to respect the different needs of those who attend regarding things like social distancing, mask-wearing, and grace for our differing perspectives on them.

What Can You Expect When You Attend Calvary Baptist Church?

Our Sunday morning is now in what we hope is our final phase in regard to our COVID-19 response. This means that we encourage everyone to act according to their convictions. So, we want you to continue join us online if that is your conviction. We offer a single Sunday morning service for those whose convictions give them that freedom as well. Second, for those who come we will make every allowance for you to worship based upon your convictions. Please mask if that is your conviction. Please request a socially distant pew if that is your conviction. Please do both without feeling any self-consciousness. Those who do not feel the need to be socially distant and those who do feel the need to be socially distant are both welcome here. We will do our best to keep our service to an hour.

Our Wednesday evening service is essentially back to normal. We meet downstairs, and you are certainly invited to come!

Please ask questions and give feedback whenever you feel led to! We are taking each step together not because we fear the future, but because we truly want to walk together during this stressful time. We are all navigating unusual waters. Let us navigate those waters together.