Onsite at Calvary

What will worship be like if you come onsite to Calvary? We want you to know what you can expect when you worship in person at Calvary Baptist Church. If you have ANY questions at all, please call the church office at 515-961-5410.

Our Sunday morning service onsite is much like the online version. The key difference is that we are following the Iowa Department of Health’s recommendations to mitigate the risk of accidental exposure to COVID-19. Our approach to COVID-19 is based upon a desire to minister to the needs of all who attend. Instead of fear, you will hear words of grace, care, and responsibility. Because we believe in personal freedom AND personal responsibility, we won’t REQUIRE attendees to do certain things. However, because we believe in both freedom and responsibility, WE WILL be doing the following things and encourage ALL attendees to respect the different needs of those who attend regarding things like social distancing, mask-wearing, and grace for our differing perspectives on them.

What Can You Expect When You Attend Calvary Baptist Church?

First – You will notice a designated greeter who will open our main doors for you. You won’t have to touch the doors to get in our building.

Second – Bulletins will be in the pews and not passed out. You don’t need the bulletin in order to fully participate in the service. It is provided for your convenience. Let Pastor John know if you want to print your own here.

Third – We will not pass the offering plates. If you are led to give, there is a container at the back of the church you can use.

Fourth – You don’t see this, but we disinfect the facilities before use. (bathrooms, sanctuary, etc)

Fifth – You will notice that we are only using every other pew to encourage social distancing in our behavior and our facility.

Sixth – You are also encouraged to wear masks and any other personal protective equipment you deem necessary. We do have some masks at church if you need one.

Sunday morning will feel very different for a while. For the sake of love, we will be following the guidance that has been given by the Iowa Department of Public Health. Why is it love? First, encouraging each of us to act according to our convictions is love. So, we want you to continue join us online if that is your conviction. We offer a single Sunday morning service for those whose convictions give them that freedom as well. Second, for those who come… making those around us feel as safe as is in our power to do is also love. So, we will social distance. We will sanitize. We will keep our service to an hour. We will not offer food or drink or other literature on Sunday mornings. This is our ‘Phase 1’ of having onsite services again. Sunday morning will stay at ‘Phase 1’ for the foreseeable future to accommodate the needs of the greatest number of people.

Our Wednesday evening service is what we are calling ‘Phase 2’. This means that we are encouraging each group that meets in the building to decide for itself how it will handle mask wearing and social distancing. Of course, we will give everyone the grace to social distance or mask up as they need to. Yet, for Wednesday nights, it will be important for everyone to be pro-active in discussing their needs with their Bible study leader. One more thing – in ‘Phase 2’ we will be practicing heightened awareness and food-safe practices regarding the serving of food and drink. We will serve things “restaurant-style” instead of “buffet-style” or “family-style” and in a food-safe manner.

Yes, we look forward to our Phase 3 as we learn more, as the situation changes, and as our understanding of what this means to us as a church changes. However, we are not in a hurry. We want everyone to feel safe and able to participate as much as they are comfortable. We will, of course, seek to communicate that to you here in the future. Please ask questions and give feedback whenever you feel led to! We take these steps together not because we fear the future, but because we truly want to walk together during this stressful time. We are all navigating unusual waters. Let us navigate those waters together.