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When Sin is in Charge

Scripture(s): Judges 1-2 (19-21) (1-3; 10-17)

When we are warned about sin, many times our understanding of its consequences is simplistic.  However, sin does not just have one consequence.  It has many.


Scripture(s): Judges 3

When life comes at us, we can be pulled in many directions.  God’s people must see the invitation to choose God’s path.

The Struggles of the Faithless

Scripture(s): Judges 4

It is easy to make coming to church or reading our Bible about gaining information.  However, that is not its purpose.  The Bible, and church, are both the place we hear from God.  When we hear from God, what are we to do next?

How God Grows Our Faith

Scripture: Judges 6-7

Sharing Through Prayer

Prayer is universal.  We receive it.  We accept it.  When we pray for another, they let us share in their lives.  As they do, let us share with them the One who can save them.

Losing the Peace

Scripture(s): Judges 9

God is so good to us. It isn’t just Satan or others that can ruin it. We too can ruin what God has given to us if we don’t apply His word to our lives.

The Curious Case of Jephthah

Scripture(s): Judges 11 

To be honest, it should disturb us who God uses.  Yet, it is the fact that God uses people who disturb us that gives us hope.  That means that He can use us.

Samson – Learning to Follow Well

Scripture(s): Judges 14-16

The life of Samson is not about learning from a stellar example.  It is about learning from a man of faith’s mistakes.  Like Solomon, Samson shows us what not to do.

Human Solutions to Big Problems

Scripture(s): Judges 17-21

People have problems.  People with Jesus have problems.  People without Jesus have problems.  Does it make a difference how they solve their problems?  Should it?